About Me

about dean devos


I’m Dean. A web designer from Bruges, Belgium. When I’m not busy designing new websites, performing social media branding or consulting others, I’m working on my own online ventures. I’m currently running two webshops, an Amazon Affiliate blog and a Netflix review blog. I turn the web into my playground.

You can spot me at airports, with my headphones on and my macbook on my lap. Traveling is my secondary passion and fully possible thanks to my digital nomad lifestyle. 

Do you need someone to design your website? Maybe your current website is outdated and needs some tuning up? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to provide a branding or social media strategy for you? You’d like some more information on how to rank in Google through SEO? Or you’re interested in eCommerce? 

I can help you with that. Spending my every waking hour online, I’ve mastered the web. Contact me and we’ll discuss your needs. Speak soon!

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